It has always been a delight to visit the Lily Room. The availability of services is outstanding and the helpfulness and knowledge of all the staff is truly wonderful. Many of the staff at Sydney ENT have also used the facilities at the Lily room and have all expressed great satisfaction with the results of their treatments.

Annette Kowalczyk - D.O.N, Sydney ENT and Facial Day Surgery - age 55   

The staff at Lily Room pride themselves on providing a safe and positive experiences for their clients. Treatment rooms are always impeccably clean and hygienic. The beautiful surroundings, in the presence of soothing music, and the ambience is one of total relaxation. I would not hesitate to recommend Lily Room Clinic to anyone looking for any skin or cosmetic treatments. From the moment I phoned through with my enquiry to all my treatments I felt at ease and in the hands of people who were both competent and caring.

Melissa Tkautz - actress/model, age 35   

Excellent consultation. You really listen, give honest answers and the staff are all lovely. I’ve had a few procedures done and am always very pleased.

True Local Member   

Thank you for your professionalism and the wonderful job you did tattooing the liner on my upper eye line. I have always been a girl to use a liquid eyeliner to enhance my eyes and feel that my eyes aren't at their best without that little bit of definition of at the base of the lash. As you know I modelled professionally for 8 years in my younger days and still don't like to take chances with any procedure not done by a reputable Clinic. I must say I always love my eyes best when the eyelashes have just been tinted. They stand out now without makeup and I’m delighted with the effective result. I would highly recommend you. Thank you once again.

Amanda Micola - age 46   

I would like to thank you all at the Lilly room. Your staff were friendly and relaxed throughout my treatments. I also liked how much knowledge they supplied me with prior and during the procedures. I understand that fitting me in during my busy tour schedule can be difficult and I appreciate that you are always able to accommodate for me. I wish you all the success girls, you deserve it.

Arianna Starr – aerialists, age 30   

I was due to come and have a check on my treatment from last week but there is absolutely no need. I very, very rarely pass on positive comments - it takes effort and I am really quite lazy about these things. However the outcomes from my last treatment are amazing not a line or frown in sight. A few people at work thought I had a new hairstyle or new make up, almost comical really - little do they know! Can you please pass on to Aska who completed my procedure as not only was she excellent she was also professional and confident. Thanks.

Jenny - age 46   

It was also extremely comforting for me to see that a physician was available if I wanted to discuss any procedures with him. Also, I was pleased that I was receiving anti-wrinkle injections (Aska even showed me the vial), and truly felt I was in good hands. I also received a follow-up phone call that week to make sure I was very happy with my results. I was very impressed with the Lily room staff - Aska, Selina and Grace. They are wonderful, welcoming, make you feel at home and take the fear out of "needles. All in all, I regularly go to Lily room as I find them professional but warm, technically strong and willing to discuss any problem without a pushy sales pitch.

Samantha - age 47   

Lily Rooms is not only a welcoming, warm and beautifully presented clinic, the staff are very sincere and attentive from the moment you walk in right through to the time you leave. I've always been treated with the up most care and personal consideration has always been applied to ensure that the best results possible for my skin / complexion has been achieved with out any compromise. A positive experience every time that makes me feel secure when being treated at Lily Rooms as they are not risk takers and have my best interest and beauty at heart.

Shannon Cleary - channel 9 health and fitness presenter, age 39   

My face was perfect when I was 22… However 10 years of partying and very regular solarium use took their toll on my appearance – as did weight loss. By the time I was 30 the face I was showing the world was one with hollowed out eye sockets and flattened cheekbones. This made me look tired and a lot older than I was. I was referred to Lily Room last year. My consultation with Aska was amazing. She listened to my concerns about my appearance and created a rejuvenation plan to improve it.

I began corrective treatment with Perlane in my nasolabial folds which immediately made me look less drawn. The second treatment was with Juvederm Voluma in my cheeks, which dramatically lifted my facial structure and gave me a much more youthful appearance. I was already gaining back the look I had when I was about 26, which does wonders for your self-esteem – especially in attending job interviews in the corporate field.

My third treatment was with Restylane and Botox in my chin. I have quite a large nose and the enhancement of my chin brought the rest of my mid-face into proportion greatly. My fourth and most current treatment was with Perlane in my cheeks. Aska’s skills and techniques were very gentle and comfortable and with no bruising. This treatment has also corrected the hollows under my eyes and made my cheeks even more youthful and defined than when I was 22. Restylane was used in my jaw line and chin crease.

In these four treatments I have gained back the looks that I lost over the last 12 years and more so. In hindsight I will never let my appearance retreat back to the state it was in before these treatments started.

My skin was also marred by chronic pigmentation and sun damage. It was also extremely dry. I started using Skinstitut products twice daily to remedy this – Glycolic Cleanser, Eye Believe, Even Blend Serum, Retinol and SPF50 Anti-Age sunscreen/moisturiser. The terrible brown pigmentation had already started to fade considerably just from the correct use of products within 2 weeks. I have had 2x very superficial Lactic Peels, 2x superficial Salicylic Peels and 1x medium depth Purple Peel. The dry, crepe-like, dehydrated skin on both my face and neck has become visibly more healthy and vibrant and smooth. I feel remarkably better about myself just knowing that my skin and face looks good once again and will continue to improve from here. I cannot emphasise enough how invaluable all of these treatments have been for me, with the knowledge and passion of all the team at Lily Room I will forever be visiting this beautiful clinic and experiencing all lily Room has to offer.

Anna D’Agnilli Age 34 (now looking and feeling 28)    

I just had to write and say thank you so much for the amazing full face laser genesis the other day. I’ve only ever had the odd massage in the past, so I was a bit anxious about getting a facial and the laser, but your professionalism, care and good humour really put me at ease. And as it turned out, the whole treatment was incredibly relaxing. As for the neck and shoulder massage, Jayde you truly have the magic touch - I haven’t felt this good in months. Even better, my wife thinks it’s the best I’ve looked in years! See you next time. Thanks again, Steve.

Stephen Hill - age 43    


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