Pearl fractional

Pearl Fractional Laser

Pearl Fractional is a new laser treatment perfect for people with light-to-medium skin tones who have imperfections due to aging and sun damage.

The perfect once off treatment which will help improve:

  • Sun Damaged Skin

  • Acne scarring

  • Poor skin texture

  • Large pores

  • Unwanted scars

  • Skin blemishes such as age spots

Pearl Fractional therapy describes a treatment that affects only a fraction or small percentage of the skin. With Pearl Fractional, laser pulses treat damaged cells deep in the skin. Because it exposes only a fraction of your skin to the laser beam in a pattern of tiny dots damaged tissue is selectively removed, leaving surrounding skin intact.

During the Pearl Fractional procedure, the laser uses heat to create tiny holes (the size of a pore) deep in the skin. The process removes sun-damaged tissue and then stimulates the growth of healthy, new skin, full of fresh collagen. This plumps the skin from below, repairing photo damage and other skin imperfections.

We apply a topical numbing cream to your skin to alleviate most of the discomfort. During the Pearl Fractional treatment, most patients experience a series of fast, hot pinches. Afterwards, your skin looks sunburned and may be slightly swollen but there is little discomfort. Most patients will see significant improvement after just one treatment, however more treatments may be recommended depending on skin conditions presented.

Maximum results are visible with Pearl Fractional in one to three months with the collagen being stimulated during this time.